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Dryer for extruder System

on 20 December 2017




Chamber Dryer for  Only production Extruder System


This type of dryer is suited to the production of difficult materials with long drying cycles. It 's very flexible and dynamic. Energy consumption, cause the long cycle cold-hot-cold, it can be considered high for the dispersion of Kcal. We have to warm up to the beginning of each cycle, the drying chamber. The production, which depends on the number of chambers to be carried out, ranging from a minimum of 100 tons per day to a maximum of 800 tons per day

chamber dryer brickdryer brick machineChamber dryer

With expert and experienced human resources as well as the right equipment, the company is able to manufacture a variety of machines for the production of lumber making pottery with a pallet and tray system and chamber and tunnel dryers.
Red Line production machines with pallet system:

Single cut
Cutting group
Two dwas table
Pallet Warehouse
Clay discharging strip
Triple tables
Stitching Machine
Gas torch for hot air dryers
Circulating fan
Hot air generator
Pusher moving machines
Tunnel furnace heat exchanger equipment
Machine tools for lacquer production line with tray system:
Single cut
Vertical cutting for mixes and blocks
A set of host spacing and classification after the cut
Collection of davas tables and trays filling
Collection of transfer tables to Elvator
Elowator Production
Elvatari discharged
Drainage table collection from the drainage drain
Collection of geographical desks and tray drain
Collection of changing tables and trays
Tray Warehouse
Finger job and work transfer
Tail drain bar towards the furnace



Sample fuel sprayer used in this type of brick Dryer


Tunnel dryer for brick making.


Tunnel Kiln

Post by Omid
on 12 December 2017

Tunnel Kiln


Advantages of using a fully automated tunnel furnace for bricklaying:

     Reducing fuel consumption by about 50%.
     decreasing air pollution.
     Color uniformity and product quality.
     Reducing the role of human error in production.
     Raising production efficiency.
     Reducing product losses.
     The ability to increase production.
     50% reduction in manpower.
     Heat recovery from baking products



tunnel kiln working principle


Sample fuel sprayer used in this type of brick kiln

tunnel kiln working principle  tunnel kiln for brick firing processtunnel kiln for clay brick


on 29 November 2016


Kiln A11

Economical kiln A11


tunnel kiln technology

Tunnel KilnTunnel kiln | oven


Sample fuel sprayer used in this type of brick kiln

German Kiln Technology‎


Hoffman Kilns

Post by Omid
on 01 November 2016

Hoffman Kilns

Along the brick kiln, every 4 to 5 meters, an inlet and outlet span is erected. The distance between each two spans is called a Ghamir. The roof of the brick kiln has some holes at regular distances of 60 to 70cm from each other. These holes are called carburetor-jets. Some valves for air vacuum are also available in the lower part of the brick kiln.


To perform the baking process, the Ghamirs are loaded in an intersectional manner with bricks. The end of the Ghamirs are closed with a wall of bricks, and the span of the brick kiln is mudded. The carburetor-jets push the fuel mixture gas and air forcefully into the kiln through the holes of carburetor-jets. Through the vacuum produced by air valves, the fire is directed to all parts of the Ghamirs and the baking process is carried out.

kiln brick machine

The temperature required for baking the mud-bricks is about 1000° centigrade, which should gradually be produced through pre-heating. When the stage of baking in every Ghamir is over, its air valves are closed, and the valves of the next Ghamir are opened in order to direct the fire towards itself. The carburetor-jets are also alternately moved on the roof of the kiln to apply the temperature evenly to all parts of the kiln.
The baking work in every Ghamir lasts between 2.5 and 3 hours. After this time, some holes are made in the mudded area until the space of the Ghamir is gradually cooled. Then, the spans are opened and the baked blocks are transferred from inside the kiln to the trucks by conveyor strips

soil brick making machine kiln


Sample fuel sprayer used in this type of brick kiln

burner brickburner kiln brick.

Gas Injector P.M.G
This machine including two 8-burner and 10- burner models has been designed and manufactured for baking mud brick inside Hoffman kiln and has been presented with regard to the customer’s demand. Considering its exclusive design, this machine enjoys high efficiency in brick baking. It should be noted that gas injector manufactured by Hamgam Sanat  Co. has reduced significantly the fuel consumption because of its special design