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Box Feeder clay

Post on 15 December 2014
by KeithjuS

Designed for even, continuous and controlled dosing and storage of material. Slat feeders are mainly used for handling wet material while rubber band feeders are more suitable for dry and dusty material. These box feeders are widely used not only in the ceramics industry but also in the chemicals and minerals sectors.

box feeder brickbox feeder clayfeeder brick

The Box Feeder receives raw material and delivers it at a constant/controlled rate to the next stage of manufacture. The Box Feeder is fitted with a moving steel slated plate bottom of which the speed is adjustable. A sliding shuttle door controls the amount of material leaving the feeder. Normally, a large hopper is attached to the main body during the installation.



Size diameter


Production capacity


Motor power


HS-518 soil belt


40 ~ 45


HS-520 soil


40 ~ 45

40 ~ 45

HS-618 clay


50 ~ 60


HS-818 clay


 60 ~ 75


box feeder brick clayfeeder brick machine