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Roller mill crusher

Post on 08 October 2016
by Omid



Soil which should be good quality clay is collected using earth moving   machines. Soil chemical analysis must be done to ensure it is suitable for manufacture of bricks. It is transported using trucks and stored near the primary crusher. Mechanical means are used to feed the soil into the hopper of the primary crusher


The Primary Roller Mill crushes the soil and it is then conveyed to the Secondary Crusher .The Primary and Secondary Roller mills are designed to crush the soil to the required fineness. The max grain size is between 1 and 2 mm

заводы кирпича

This machine is providing the homogenization and obtaining of a compact structure of the soil through its grinding between two cylinders. The big sized parts of the raw material are crumbled, which increase the quality of the production. The soil, which has been crumbled through crushing, is absorbing easily the water.

The different running speeds of the cylinders is providing rubbing crush of the soil 



size roller


product capacity


Motor power




40 ~ 60




60 ~ 75