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Post by Omid
on 29 November 2016


Hoffman Kilns

Post by Omid
on 01 November 2016

Hoffman Kilns

Along the brick kiln, every 4 to 5 meters, an inlet and outlet span is erected. The distance between each two spans is called a Ghamir. The roof of the brick kiln has some holes at regular distances of 60 to 70cm from each other. These holes are called carburetor-jets. Some valves for air vacuum are also available in the lower part of the brick kiln.


To perform the baking process, the Ghamirs are loaded in an intersectional manner with bricks. The end of the Ghamirs are closed with a wall of bricks, and the span of the brick kiln is mudded. The carburetor-jets push the fuel mixture gas and air forcefully into the kiln through the holes of carburetor-jets. Through the vacuum produced by air valves, the fire is directed to all parts of the Ghamirs and the baking process is carried out.

The temperature required for baking the mud-bricks is about 1000° centigrade, which should gradually be produced through pre-heating. When the stage of baking in every Ghamir is over, its air valves are closed, and the valves of the next Ghamir are opened in order to direct the fire towards itself. The carburetor-jets are also alternately moved on the roof of the kiln to apply the temperature evenly to all parts of the kiln.
The baking work in every Ghamir lasts between 2.5 and 3 hours. After this time, some holes are made in the mudded area until the space of the Ghamir is gradually cooled. Then, the spans are opened and the baked blocks are transferred from inside the kiln to the trucks by conveyor strips



Post by Omid
on 08 October 2016

The major equipment of stone production line:


Stone crushing equipment consists of jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, fine crusher, roll crusher, hammer crusher, mobile crushing station, etc

Stone production line


Big size stones are transferred to primary crusher through Vibrating Feeder from hopper for first crushing, then the crushed materials are transferred to Impact Crusher through Belt Conveyor for secondary crushing. The crushed materials will be transferred to the vibrating screen, and separated to different sizes. The aggregate with suitable size will be transferred to the final product pile and that with unsuitable size will be transferred to the Impact Crusher for re-crushing. This forms closed circuit manifold cycles. The sizes of final products will be graded and separated according to customers' requirements, and the deduster will be attached for the sake of environment protection.


Rock crushing plant

is considered to be among the primary sorts of crushers and it is used in various mines. The size of the crusher will be determined according to the entrance nozzle located on top of the system. For instance, in crusher, model 110×90, the entrance is 110 cm×90cm and it is built in two forms of long and short toggle. This system changes the size of stones by squeezing them. The fixed shoulder of a jaw in the form of (س) is located on a static surface. On the other hand, the mobile shoulder, by the use of toggle's power, breaks the stones. The empty space between fixed jaw, the moving one and the exit nozzle, determines the maximum output of the system. The stones sent into the systems, will be there until they are broken into pieces and their Stone crushing plantsizes become propor

shuttle kiln

Post by Omid
on 01 November 2016

Shuttle furnaces

Construction and installation of furnaces shuttle

     Design and production of shuttle kiln to a temperature of 1200 ° Applied Indian cooking
     Design and construction of furnaces shuttle one to three cubic meters to 160 cubic meters a class
     Design and production of shuttle kilns at temperatures up to 1400 ° functional kitchen ceramic tile color
     Design and manufacture of glazed tiles and bricks baking ovens shuttle Roughly 1,200 degrees capacities of 50 - 80 - 100 ton
     Design and manufacture of metal plating 900 degree oven for vehicles
     Development of sintering furnace 1200 ° ceramic balls Shuttle


Roller mill crusher

Post by Omid
on 08 October 2016



Soil which should be good quality clay is collected using earth moving   machines. Soil chemical analysis must be done to ensure it is suitable for manufacture of bricks. It is transported using trucks and stored near the primary crusher. Mechanical means are used to feed the soil into the hopper of the primary crusher


The Primary Roller Mill crushes the soil and it is then conveyed to the Secondary Crusher .The Primary and Secondary Roller mills are designed to crush the soil to the required fineness. The max grain size is between 1 and 2 mm

This machine is providing the homogenization and obtaining of a compact structure of the soil through its grinding between two cylinders. The big sized parts of the raw material are crumbled, which increase the quality of the production. The soil, which has been crumbled through crushing, is absorbing easily the water.

The different running speeds of the cylinders is providing rubbing crush of the soil 



size roller


product capacity


Motor power




40 ~ 60




60 ~ 75