• We provide professional brick making solution and suggest reasonable equipment configuration for our customers
  • Professional product and market advice for your investment in brick making industry.
  • On-site investigation of the customers’ factory to work out possible problems.

Sales Services


  • We work on the details of the contract with the customers so that there is no uncertainty.
  • Arrange production as per requirement.
  • Foundation drawings and plant layout suggestion available
  • Full documentation including operation, maintenance and troubleshooting manuals


After-sales Services


  • Product advice and troubleshooting service
  • On-site operation guide and management training

Laboratory tests

If bricks have to satisfy an official standard, they will probably have to be tested in a laboratory. These tests will need to be repeated periodically to maintain quality control. Tests normally specify the sizes for bricks and the acceptable compressive strength - how much weight they can bear before crushing. For certain uses, such as damp-proof courses, water absorption or suction rate may also be specified.



Raw material tests

The Center offers a range of services related to raw material evaluations and material processing which include: · Crushing and sizing of small batches · Lab extrusions · Evaluations of Green Strength, Plasticity, and Dry Strength · Evaluations of additives (deflocculates, binders, recycled material, glass, etc.) · Drying Behavior Firing Behavior (development or optimization of firing curves). Please call to discuss your particular project. Conclusion

These guidelines will help field-workers judge the quality of bricks. Furthermore, if the information presented is used as a basis by those working with brick makers, it will go some way to establishing an agreed approach to assessing the technical problems they face and proposing appropriate solutions. That is, solutions which make the best use of available resources: are affordable, manageable, cost effective, and ultimately successful.